About Handitova

Handitova is your hassle-free same-day delivery solution for sending items, from care packages to gifts and business documents, quickly and efficiently.

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Benefits of using Handitova


You can book a delivery the same easy way that you request a ride.


Get on-demand delivery, usually within the hour.


Watch your item as it makes its way to the recipient, and get a notification when it’s delivered.


Generally, if it fits in the trunk of a midsize car, it can go with Handitova.¹ And in select locations, you can choose a delivery method and vehicle type that meets your needs.


App Screenshots

The Handitova app allows you to send goods throughout the city of Atlanta

● Just create a free account
● Put the Destination of where you want to send your goods.
● Input what you want to send in the Description Box
● Take a picture of what you sending
● Choose payment method and vola.
● Once you’ve been assigned a Driver, you will be able to view updates throughout the trip, including pickup and delivery
confirmation photos. You can also track your delivery in real-time via the Handitova app.

Once Handitova assigns you a Driver, you’ll see an authorization on your chosen payment method to confirm availability of funds.Handitova will charge your payment method when your Goods have been picked up by the Driver. At pickup, we’ll send you a receipt via email. You can also check the Archived tab in your Handitova account for a list of your past deliveries

Yes. Tipping our drivers is an option

We accept debit/card google pay and Apple Pay.

Go to your app menu bar and go to the help screen. Either call us or text us asap so we can come up with solution

At the moment handitova is only available in atlanta, Georgia

Yes. You have the option for schedule pick up and drop off

Anything that can fit in a car. Which can arrange from a pair of car keys to small furniture

● People
● Anything illegal including, without limitation, recreational drugs and other contraband.
● Any Hazardous Waste, defined as a “solid waste” that meets any of the criteria of the hazardous waste as described in 40 C.F.R. § 261.3.
● Unset precious stones, industrial diamonds, any article that contains more than fifty percent by weight of gold or platinum or any combination thereof in raw form, including, but not limited to, bullion, bars, or scraps of these metals.
● Any “Hazardous Material” not categorized as limited or excepted quantities as defined in 49 C.F.R., or categorized as limited or excepted quantities but not packaged and labeled in accordance with all applicable laws.

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